Install Smarttap for Skype for Business Server Cheatsheet

The following procedure is to install the SmartTap Core on a single server for skype for business.

Official Documentation

The official documentation is available from this cheatsheet is designed to be used in conjunction with the official documentation.


1) Download the Smart Tap installation files from 2) Upzip the files to c:\files\ making sure you unblock the zip file beforehand 3) Powershell execution should be unrestricted - run powershell as administrator

    set-exectionpolicy unrestricted

4) Must install Chrome/Firefox/EdgeDev??? EDGE/IE does not work

Installation (Distributed Method)

1) Start the installation (as administrator) 2) Select Distributed Installation 3) Select the following services 1) Recording Components 1) AudioCodes Application Server 2) AudioCodes Communication Server 3) AudioCodes Database Server 4) AudioCodes Media Server 2) Integration Componenets 1) AudioCodes Call Delivery IP 2) AudioCodes Media Proxy 4)