WordDoc - Create Word Documents directly from PowerShell

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Distributed under the MIT License

This project is distrubuted under the MIT License. The license can be viewed here

Project Notes

This Project contains Powershell sample scripts that can be reused / adapted. Please do not just execute scripts without understanding what each and every line will do.

WordDoc PowerShell Module Word Doc is a PowerShell Module that helps you create documents directly from powershell. This simple module enables your to quickly and effortlessly create Word Documents directly from Powershell.

Please Note: This project is hosted on GitHib, and full documentation is available on GitPages.

Highlights include

## Installation (windows 10)

Installation instructions for other versions of windows available here

install-module -name worddoc -scope currentuser

Example Usage

A simple example to show you how to create a word document, create a cover page, Table of Contents, add some word text, and add some objects as a word table.

Import-Module Worddoc 
Add-WordCoverPage -CoverPage Banded 
Add-WordText -text 'Table of Contents' -WDBuiltinStyle wdStyleTitle 
Add-WordBreak -breaktype NewPage 
Add-WordText -text 'Heading1' -WDBuiltinStyle wdStyleHeading1 
$a = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.' 
Add-WordText -text $a -WDBuiltinStyle wdStyleNormal
$s = get-service | select name,status
Add-WordTable -object $s