PowerShell Module to expand on the SkypeforBusiness and MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Modules.

CCE Design Doc

Quickly and effortless create a Skype for Business Cloud Connector Eddition (CCE) Design Document or As Built Documen...

Github Projects

a random collection of gists from Shane Hoey.

AudioCodes IPPhones PowerShell Module

Quickly and effortless manage AudioCodes IP Phones with PowerShell

Mediant PowerShell Module

The Mediant PowerShell Module enables you to perform basic management functions on a AudioCodes Mediant Device direct...

Mediant Doc

Document an AudioCodes Mediant Gateway/SBC directly from powershell

PowerShell to Jekyll Markdown

This script will document a PowerShell Module into MarkDown text ready to use on a Jekyll or a Git Pages Website

Skype user acceptance test

This Excel document is a Skype for Business User Acceptance Test Plan. It has been developed to be used to determine ...

WordDoc PowerShell Module

Convert a powershell Module Help text into a series of documents ready for markdown and hosted on gitpages or your ow...