IP Phones configs

AudioCodes IP Phone Configuration Cook Book

This collection of common configuration settings of the AudioCodes 400HD series of IP phones, will help you simplify deployment of your IP Phones.

AudioCodes IP Phones are an easy-to-use, feature-rich IP Phone, that is perfect for Skype for Business, and this resource (hosted on GitHub) assists with simple Configuration files thru to complete Templates, that you can copy and start configuring AudioCodes IP Phones today with ease.

Each file focuses on a specific configuration item, and together they enable you to easily configure IP Phones. These configurations can be used directly on the Phone configuration, via a configuration file, or via IP Phone Manager.

GitHub Repository (includes all files below)













Configuration Files

Advanced Applications

Configure NTP & Time (DHCP Timezone).cfg

Configure NTP & Time (Manual Timezone).cfg

Configure NTP & Time (Manual).cfg

Disable Daylight Savings.cfg

Enable Daylight Savings (Day of Week).cfg

Enable Daylight Savings (Fixed).cfg

Network Connections

Configure 802.1x disabled (todo).cfg

Configure 802.1x eap-md5 (todo).cfg

Configure 802.1x eap-tls (todo).cfg

Configure DHCP ipaddress.cfg

Configure Ethernet Port Speed.cfg

Configure STATIC ipaddress.cfg

Configure VLAN Automatic (CDP).cfg

Configure VLAN Automatic (CDP+LLDP).cfg

Configure VLAN Automatic (LLDP).cfg

Configure VLAN Disabled.cfg

Configure VLAN Manual.cfg

Disable Port Mirror.cfg

Enable Port Mirror.cfg


Configure Call Transfer.cfg

Configure on-hook Action (todo).cfg

Configure Phone Screen Settings (todo).cfg

Configure SfB Contacts (todo).cfg

Configure SFB Power Savings (todo).cfg

Disable Sign out - CommonArea.cfg

Disable Sign out.cfg

Disable the Calendar.cfg

Enable Phone Sign - CommonArea.cfg

Enable Phone Sign.cfg

Enable the Calendar.cfg

Personal Settings

Configure Directory (todo).cfg

Configure Function Keys (todo).cfg

Configure Language.cfg

Configure Programmable Keys (todo).cfg

Configure Tones - Distinctive Ringing (todo).cfg

Configure Tones - Regional Settings (Important) - Copy.cfg

Configure Tones - Ringing Settings - Copy.cfg

Disable the Pin Lock.cfg

Enable the Pin Lock.cfg


Voice Over IP


Media Streaming


Signaling Protocols


Configure Default Device (Headset).cfg

Configure Default Device (Speaker).cfg

Configure Dialing - Dialing Parameters (todo).cfg

Disable Dialing - Automatic Dialing.cfg

Disable Microphone.cfg

Enable Dialing - Automatic Dialing.cfg

Enable Microphone.cfg

Configure Media Streaming - Codec (todo).cfg

Configure Media Streaming - Media Streaming Paramaters (todo).cfg

Configure Media Streaming - QoS (todo).cfg

Configure Media Streaming - RTCP-XR (todo).cfg

Configure Media Streaming - SRTP (todo).cfg

Configure AOC(todo).cfg

Configure Application Server (todo).cfg

Configure BLF Support (todo).cfg

Configure Call Forward (todo).cfg

Configure Call Waiting.cfg

Configure General Parameters (todo).cfg

Configure MoH (todo).cfg

Configure MWI (todo).cfg

Configure Paging.cfg

Configure SIP General (todo).cfg

Configure SIP Proxy and Registrar (todo).cfg

Configure Voice - Gain Control (todo).cfg

Configure Voice - Jitter Buffer (todo).cfg

Configure Voice - Noise Reduction (todo).cfg

Configure Voice - Silence Compressions (todo).cfg


Configure Username and Password.cfg

Automatic Update

Disable Provisioning.cfg

Disable S4B Provisioning.cfg

Enable DHCP Provisioning (Daily).cfg

Enable DHCP Provisioning (Hourly).cfg

Enable DHCP Provisioning (Powerup).cfg

Enable DHCP Provisioning (Weekly).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration DHCP Daily).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration DHCP Hourly).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration DHCP Powerup).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration DHCP Weekly).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration Disabled).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration STATIC Daily).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration STATIC Hourly).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration STATIC Powerup).cfg

Enable S4B Provisioning (Configuration STATIC Weekly).cfg

Enable STATIC Provisioning (Daily).cfg

Enable STATIC Provisioning (Hourly).cfg

Enable STATIC Provisioning (Powerup).cfg

Enable STATIC Provisioning (Weekly).cfg

Remote Management

Disable Telnet.cfg

Disable TR-069.cfg

Enable Telnet.cfg

Enable TR-069.cfg

IP Phone Manager Templates