SBC Requirements for Direct Routing

SBC Requirements

You must decide what SBC you will use, a list of Approved SBC is available on

This cheat sheet has been tested with the following SBC’s and should work for you with very minimal modification.

Vendor   Recommended Version
AudioCodes Hyper-v SBC v.7.20A.204.222 or newer
AudioCodes Azure SBC v.7.20A.204.222 or newer

PLEASE NOTE: Inaddition to Hyper-V and Azure, you can also use VMWare,Hardware Appliances, etc. This document has only been tested on the Above two.

The following licenses are required for SBC

  • MSFT (All AudioCodes media gateways and SBC are shipped with this license)
  • SILK Narror Band
  • SILK WideBand
  • OPUS
  • SBC Sessions (Based on Requirements)
  • Transcoding Session ( Only if Media Transcoding is required)

Each SBC that will be paired with Microsoft Teams will require at a minimum

  • Public IP Address
  • FQDN matching SIP Domain in Office 365
  • Public Certificate

Did you know you can download a trial SBC from AudioCodes that you can configure with teams? The trial license includes 3 sessions that allow you test Direct Routing with minimal investment.

Vendor Download Link
AudioCodes v7.20A - Mediant VE KVM/OpenStack File
AudioCodes v7.20A - Mediant VE Hyper-V VM Image
AudioCodes v7.20A - Mediant VE VMware OVF File
AudioCodes v7.20A - Mediant VE Azure Marketplace
AudioCodes v7.20A - Mediant VE Latest Firmware CMP