DNS Requirements for Direct Routing

DNS Requirements

To enabled Direct Routing you must meet the following DNS Requirements:

  • Each SBC must be assigned a FQDN from a registered domain name of the tenant.
  • You can not use the onmicrosoft.com domain.
  • You should not use sip.domainname eg sip.directrouting.guide.
  • The SBC can service users from any Registed Domain Name.
  • If provisionuing a new domain if Office365, it can take up to 24 hours before it can be used with the SBC.

Example SBC Domain Name

FQDN Type Value Comments
sbc.directrouting.guide A  
lyncdiscover.directrouting.guide CNAME webdir.online.lync.com  

Quick Tip : Each SBC must have a unique Public DNS address.