SBC Requirements

SBC Requirements

You must decide what SBC you will use, a list of Approved SBC is available on [

This cheat sheet has been tested with the following SBC’s

Vendor Recommended Version
AudioCodes SBC v.7.20A.154.007 or newer

The following licenses are required for SBC

  • MSFT (All AudioCodes media gateways and SBC are shipped with this license)
  • SILK Narror Band
  • SILK WideBand
  • OPUS
  • SBC Sessions (Based on Requirements)
  • Transcoding Session ( Only if Media Transcoding is required)

Each SBC that will be paired with Microsoft Teams will require at a minimum

  • Public IP Address
  • FQDN matching SIP Domain in Office 365
  • Public Certificate

Did you know you can download a trial SBC from AudioCodes that you can configure with teams? The trial license includes 3 sessions that allow you tesk Direct ROuting.

Vendor Download Link
AudioCodes v7.2 - Mediant VE KVM/OpenStack File
AudioCodes v7.2 - Mediant VE Hyper-V VM Image
AudioCodes v7.2 - Mediant VE VMware OVF File

Each SBS that yuou will use with