Direct Routing Introduction

Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams

Quickly and effortless create Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing!


This Direct Routing Cheat Sheet is a condensed overview, to assist with the planning and deployment of Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing enables customers to connect a SBC to Microsoft Phone System. The customer-provided SBC can be connected to any telephony trunk, or connect with third-party PSTN equipment including:

  • Connect Teams to any PSTN trunk.
  • Connect Teams to existing Customer-owned telephony equimenet, third-party PBXs, analog devices etc.

This cheat sheet is an overview of the requirements that must be met before attempting to configure Voice Calling with Teams. Even thou this document is generally up to date, due to the changing nature of Direct Routing and Teams and the supported devices, you should always refer to vendor documentation.

Section Description Link
Planning Planning & Introduction to Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams
Deployment Quickly and effortless deploy Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams
Troubleshoot How to Troubleshoot woith Direct Routing
Resources Direct Routing Resources